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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Reasons Why USC Lost

So here are the reasons why USC lost:

10. Distracted by potential “Beaver-Trojan” double-entendres

9. Once again failed to realize that the backup QB is the future NFL starter

8. Sneaky OSU tricked them by putting midget at running back

7. USC still reeling from Snoop Dogg changing allegiance to LSU

6. Trojans overconfident because OSU lost to Stanford -- who the heck ever loses to Stanford?!

5. Not every team lays down like Ohio State

4. Pete Carroll flustered after OSU coach ignored his Facebook friend request

3. USC players blinded by bright lights of Corvallis

2. Trojans actually wanted to cancel game because of national financial crisis

1. Who cares, media will still try to shove USC in BCS title game anyway

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