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Monday, August 29, 2016

Ohio State Buckeye Football Recruits Shine

Watching Buckeye Commits Tate Martell, Haskell Garrett, Wyatt Davis and More
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS — The ESPN networks aired seven high school football games on Saturday, three of which featured Ohio State verbal commitments.
IMG Academy, with OSU commits Marcus Williamson (CB) and Isaiah Pryor (SAF) played, but I didn't really watch much of that one. I was more focused on two other games.
The first was St. John Bosco (CA) at Cincinnati St. Xavier, which featured 5-star offensive line commit Wyatt Davis, and the second game was the nightcap between Bishop Gorman (NV) and Cedar Hill (TX).
Bishop Gorman has three Buckeye commits on the team — Tate Martell (QB), Tyjon Lindsey (WR), and Haskell Garrett (DT). Lindsey did not play, however.
I jotted some notes down while I watched the games. It's not overly formal, but it's not like it's a backwoods jamboree, either.
Tate Martell
+ Able to keep a play alive.
+ Quick release. Not a low release. No extra hitches. Displayed some touch here.
+ Tipped pass at the line of scrimmage on 2nd-and-11, though it was batted down by a linebacker coming through an open lane. Intended for a receiver in the flats.
+ Another tipped pass from an edge rusher on a pass in the flats.
+ Just escaped for a 15-yard run or so on third and long. Decent speed, better mobility. Knows where the sticks are.
+ Martell had two terrible snaps in the first quarter. Worm burners that never got to him.
+ Squares up when he’s throwing on the run. Throws well running to the left. Still has strength on the ball.
+ Quick and nimble. Tough to bring down in one-on-one situations. Able to dodge a defender in small spaces.
+ When he doesn’t square up on the run, he lost some accuracy.
+ He’s a brave dude.
+ Doesn’t overpower the throw when he doesn’t need to. Still has enough of an arm for easy throws on out routes.
+ Wasn’t very accurate overall. Several balls were too high, even the short ones. He finished 10-22 for 135 yards passing. He rushed for three touchdowns.
+ Meyer will love his competitiveness more than anything else. He didn’t back down from anything. Lowers his shoulder for the final yard, especially when there is an end zone involved.
+ He wasn’t great throwing the ball, but it was still a comfortable win on the road against the No. 5 team in the nation.
+ Great — great — ball handler on the read option. 147 yards rushing.
Haskell Garrett
+ Active and mobile, will chase and chase. Sometimes he catches. Runs down the line well.
+ There wasn't much available up the middle to Cedar Hill.
+ Pretty fast for an inside pass rusher. Can change directions.
+ The game was chippy all night long due to constant banter between the two teams that began all the way back in the spring. Bishop Gorman won 44-14 and the game got out of hand, which you can see here as Garrett takes a cheap shot well after a punt has been kicked.
Palaie Gaoteote+ For me, 2018 linebacker Palaie Gaoteote was the star of the night. He is very interested in the Buckeyes and the Buckeyes are very interested in him. 
+ He wears No. 10 and will remind you of Ryan Shazier right here.
+ Cedar Hill's best answer for his edge rushing is to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible and then brace for impact.
+ He’s just everywhere, and if he’s not there yet, he will be soon. He’s long and strong and fast and constant.
Wyatt Davis
+ Just a massive dude. Plays left tackle, but projects by most to guard. "Only" listed at 6-foot-5 310 pounds, but he is a mobile wall.
+ Punishing and strong. Quick enough to make up for a mistake. Can get two blocks on one play pretty easily.
+ Looks ready to compete for a spot on the two deep upon arrival. 
+ I wish I would have watched this game closer because he is fun to watch.
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