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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NFL Uniform Changes for 2015-2016

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The NFL's Best and Worst Uniform Changes for 2015-16
according to espn's paul lukas

Want a streamlined version of this year's NFL uniform changes? Here are my picks for the three best and three worst visual changes for the 2015 season:


1. The move to allow "color on color" matchups for Thursday night games. This is long overdue and should look great. Did you see UNC versus South Carolinalast Thursday? Imagine something similar between the Kansas City Chiefs in red and the San Diego Chargers in powder blue, or any of the other chromatic possibilities. If it goes well, which it should, maybe in the next year or two the NFL will allow it for all games, not just on Thursdays.
2. The Tennessee Titans' move to re-designate navy as their primary home jersey. Navy was always a better look for them than baby blue, so it's good to see them making the switch.
3. The Miami Dolphins' new throwback. The only problem with this design is it's going to make it very obvious the team's 2013 redesign was a significant downgrade.


1. The San Francisco 49ers' new black alternate uniform. Ugh, what a mistake -- black isn't a Niners color, and the trend of teams reflexively adding a black uni already peaked nearly a decade ago. A bad move by a team whose season is likely to be black in more ways than one.
2. The NFL's gold-out for the Super Bowl's golden anniversary edition. Gold NFL logos, gold numerals for the 50-yard line markers, gold-accented team gear, gold Twitter avatars, and on and on. We'll all be sick of it by Week 2.
3. The Browns' new set. Sorry, Cleveland fans, but there's no way around it: The lettering down the side of the pants just screams "Arena league!" Destined to go down in "What were they thinking?" history.

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