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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cleveland Cavs: Andrew Bynum

I, being a former season ticket holder of the Cavs and still regularly attend games at the Q, am very disgusted with the direction of the team and don't understand why we did this to our self. You may say what is this idiot talking about. Think about it! Byron Scott was a good coach and his Cavs were always competitive. We fire him, draft a trash bag that no one wants to take out, sign the tinman with no oil to put on his knees and oh boy, bring back a proven loser in Mike Brown. Enough said, right? I guess not cause nothing is being done from the main man with the checkbook. Now don't forget, the Cleveland Cavs are trying to recruit the best player in the world back home too. I wanted to believe that could possibly happen, but now all I can do is chuckle at the thought of LeBron James coming home. I really believe that the entire problem is Mike Brown. He never won the first time around in Cleveland and it was obvious the wins that he accumulated was because of one LBJ. There was turmoil in the locker room then. He gets fired!  Goes to the Lakers and everyone was scratching their heads in LA while we were all laughing cause we knew it would just be a matter of time before he lost control of that locker room and turmoil would set in and he would be fired.   Guess what, he got fired and little did Cav fans know, but we were soon to be the laughing stock of the league again cause we were going to hire back a loser.  And what do u know. We draft a bust!  Sign a big pair of cement sneakers. And the locker room has turned into complete turmoil. AGAIN! First it was Dion Waiters fighting in the locker room, Kyrie Irving regressing.  Andrew Bynum getting better and benched, meets Brown, now done forever as a Cav. Don't forget what's his name?????  You know the 2013 first overall NBA draft pick. Don't remember?  Me either!!  Does this all sound familiar?  Absolutely!  Welcome to the Mike Brown saga part two too bad Dan Gilbert fucked up another chance at LeBron James again!!

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