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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jim Tressel has another new job in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Jim Tressel has another new job in Ohio. The former Ohio State coach added to a workload that already included a non-coaching position at Akron by joining a television station in Cleveland as a special contributor for a weekly news segment, WKYC Channel 3 announced Tuesday. The national championship-winning coach with the Buckeyes will be part of a segment called "A Moment with Jim Tressel," which is scheduled to air Wednesday nights and will lean on his experience as a motivator. "We are pleased to announce that Jim Tressel will be joining the WKYC team as a special contributor," station president and general manager Brooke Spectorsky said in a release. "Jim's national championships as head football coach at Ohio State and Youngstown State universities are well known to all, but his motivational speeches and best-selling books will be the basis of our [series.]" Tressel's national title with the Buckeyes obviously brought him the most acclaim, but he has been out of coaching since resigning under pressure in 2011 in the fallout of an NCAA investigation into violations on his watch involving cash and tattoos in exchange for memorabilia. Tressel took a position that was created specifically for him at Akron, and he has served as the vice president of strategic engagement there since February, before picking up another new gig on television this week. "Jim motivates with passion but leads with compassion," interim news director Virgil Dominic said. "We envision a weekly segment that takes daily news stories and makes them teachable moments."

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