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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ohio State Depth Chart - College football power rankings - Where Will Baron Davis end Up?

If Cavs sends Baron Davis packing, Lakers or Knicks may win
As we wait for Billy Hunter and David Stern to sit down and bother to talk to one another, one of the favorite games of NBA fans has become “amnesty clause roulette.”
Who will teams waive with the amnesty clause when the season stars again? Then, where will that player land?
Few scenarios are as interesting as Cleveland. There they have Baron Davis, a point guard on a team that spent the No. 1 pick on Kyrie Irving and also have Ramon Sessions in house. Davis is owed $13.9 million this season and $14.7 million next season (although you can buy him out of that second year for “just” $12.8 million).
Davis says he wants to mentor Irving, but the Clippers traded him to Cleveland (and sent the first round pick that became Irving) to get Davis and his questionable work ethic and attitude away from their young team. Ah, but it is not that simple, as ESPN pointed out in its look at players likely to get the amnesty axe.
The Cavs are known to not value cap space as much as trade assets. They’ve also been on a mission to acquire future draft picks since the departure of LeBron James. There’s also one more issue: If the Cavs were to burn their amnesty card on Davis, sources say LeBron’s Heat would become an instant suitor and serious threat to sign Baron … which would be painful beyond words for Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to stomach.
Miami needs a point guard and Davis, for all his flaws and focus issues, is way better than Mike Bibby. Except, Marc Stein reports at ESPN that Miami is not on top of Davis’ list.
Davis’ hometown Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks, sources say, are the two teams he’s always dreamed of playing for.
Davis also still has a good relationship with the Charlotte community, Bobcats coach Paul Silas and Bobcats assistant coach Stephen Silas, all of which would likewise make the Bobcats an option if Michael Jordan is interested.
The Lakers need a new point guard for new coach Mike Brown’s system, and Davis is better than Derek Fisher or Steve Blake. But could he really be a facilitator in the classic sense, because in Los Angeles Kobe/Gasol/Bynum get the shots? New York is fascinating — when focused Davis is very good in the open court and could fit well in a Mike D’Antoni system. But Davis would be going to a city known to distract and would have to back up Chauncey Billups next season.
This is one of the fascinating things about the amnesty clause — it will make some elite teams better. There are guys who are likely going to get waived — Rashard Lewis, Andres Nocioni, Beno Udrih — can still contribute and it is the contenders that will go after them. Contenders can promise a shot at a ring if these guys will play a role on a veteran team, and most will jump at it.
No team may benefit as much as the Miami Heat, a team is need of quality role players on the cheap. But they might not get Baron Davis

NCAA Football Power Rankings
Buckeyes are 21 in this weeks power rankings according to si.com
1 Last Week: 1 LSU Tigers (8-0)
Press Your Luck: The No. 1 team in the nation gets the honor of the finest moment from the finest game show ever produced. Michael Larson was an ice cream truck driver from Ohio who won a spot on Press Your Luck on May 19, 1984. Unbeknownst to game show god Peter Tomarken and the studio audience, Larson had figured out that the game board always moved in one of five patterns. Larson took a Whammy on his first spin, then embarked on a blistering run that ended with him winning $110,237. LSU coach Les Miles has a little Michael Larson in him. If anybody can figure out the patterns of the Alabama defense, it's Miles. Meanwhile, defensive coordinator John Chavis will unleash his hellhounds upon an offense that seems unstoppable. But LSU's might be the one defense that can stop Alabama. With Morris Claiborne and Tyrann Mathieu at cornerback, LSU is athletic enough to cover Alabama's receivers one-on-one. That should allow the Tigers to load the box to stop Alabama's rushing juggernaut. That would force Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron to beat LSU with his arm. No team has forced McCarron to do that, so it's not clear whether he can. He might pick LSU apart, or he might fall apart. If it works, LSU can force turnovers and control field position. If it doesn't, the Tigers will get the Whammy, and the Crimson Tide will be No. 1.
Last game: Beat Auburn, 45-10
Next game: Saturday at Alabama

2 Last Week: 2 Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0)
The Gong Show: Just as the Chuck Barris-helmed masterpiece allowed contestants to remain on stage as long as they were entertaining, Alabama allows teams a brief amount of time to showcase their talent. Penn State got a quarter. So did Arkansas and Ole Miss. Florida got a half. So did Tennessee. Then, GONG! It's over. The Crimson Tide annihilate the opponent. LSU seems like one of the few acts capable of staying on stage for an entire episode.
Last game: Beat Tennessee, 37-6
Next game: Saturday vs. LSU

3 Last Week: 4 Oklahoma St. Cowboys (8-0)
Remote Control: A cursory glance at the statistics from Oklahoma State's win against Baylor last week suggests the Cowboys' offense is like the book learning of this Remote Control contestant -- above reproach -- and the Cowboys' defense is like his knowledge of pop culture. (He answered "Brian Murray" when asked to identify the lead singer of Queen.) But even though Oklahoma State allowed Baylor to gain 622 yards, most of those yards came long after the game had been decided. Remember, Oklahoma State led 35-0 at halftime and 49-3 at the end of the third quarter. Don't write off Oklahoma State as a one-phase wonder. Despite the numbers, defensive coordinator Bill Young's crew can play.
Last game: Beat Baylor, 59-24
Next game: Saturday vs. Kansas State

4 Last Week: 3 Stanford Cardinal (8-0)
Wheel of Fortune: Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck could absolutely do what this plucky Wheel contestant did. In fact, Luck probably could do it with no letters. OK, maybe not. Luck isn't perfect. We learned that Saturday when the pick-six he threw to USC's Nickell Robey almost knocked Stanford from the national title race. But Luck did not go into a shell. He led the Cardinal to a last-minute touchdown and a triple-overtime victory. Vanna would clap for that.
Last game: Beat USC, 56-48 (3OT)
Next game: Saturday at Oregon State

5 Last Week: 6 Boise St. Broncos (7-0)
The Newlywed Game: If there were a version of The Newlywed Game for coaches and quarterbacks, Chris Petersen and Kellen Moore would destroy everyone. With the possible exception of Luck and Stanford coach David Shaw, no signal-caller is more simpatico with his coach while running the offense. Sometimes, it seems Petersen and Moore have a telepathic connection. They probably even sync two steps ahead like this made-for-one-another couple.
Last game: Beat Air Force, 37-26
Next game: Saturday at UNLV

21. Ohio St. Buckeyes (5-3)
Dream Job: In 2004, ESPN decided to televise its search for on-air talent. The first winner was Mike Hall, who now talks about Ohio State nearly every day as an anchor for the Big Ten Network. If Ohio State wins its final four games, one of the topics Hall might discuss a lot in the next few months is whether interim coach Luke Fickell should keep the job on a permanent basis. If, after all Ohio State has been through in the past nine months, Fickell leads the Buckeyes to a Leaders Division title, Fickell will deserve a hard look from Ohio State's brass. Fickell has his dream job now, but his contract states that the dream will end on Jan. 31, 2012. If he can lead his team to a 4-0 November, he might hold that job quite a bit longer.
Last game: Beat Wisconsin, 33-29
Next game: Saturday vs. Indiana

OSUOFFENSE Depth Chart Indiana
QB 5 Braxton Miller 6-3, 210, Fr.
14 Joe Bauserman 6-1, 230, RSr.
or 13 Kenny Guiton 6-2, 195, RSo.

FB 44 Zach Boren 6-0, 252, Jr.
49 Adam Homan 6-2, 248, Jr.

TB 1 Dan "Boom" Herron 5-10, 205, RSr.
7 Jordan Hall 5-9, 195, Jr.
or 34 Carlos Hyde 6-0, 238, So.

TE 11 Jake Stoneburner 6-5, 245, RJr.
88 Reid Fragel 6-8, 280, Jr.

WR 10 Corey "Philly" Brown 5-11, 182, So.
16 Evan Spencer 6-1, 190, Fr.

WR 80 Chris Fields 6-0, 180 RSo.
15 Devin Smith 6-3, 190 Fr.

LT 75 Mike Adams 6-8, 330, Sr.
78 Andrew Norwell 6-5, 308, So.

LG 78 Andrew Norwell 6-5, 308, So.
79 Marcus Hall 6-5, 315, RSo.

C 50 Mike Brewster 6-5, 305, Sr.
51 Brian Bobek 6-2, 280, Fr.

RG 74 Jack Mewhart 6-6, 303, RSo.
71 Cory Linsley 6-2, 301, RSo.

RT 76 J.B. Shugarts 6-7, 300, Sr.
73 Antonio Underwood 6-3, 305, Fr.

PR 7 Jordan Hall 5-9, 195, Jr.
80 Chris Fields 6-0, 180 RSo.
or 10 Corey "Philly" Brown 5-11, 182, So.

KR 7 Jordan Hall 5-9, 195, Jr.
80 Chris Fields 6-0, 180, RSo.
or 4 Jaamal Berry 5-9, 195, Jr.
Fields to the chart a kick returner

Pos. Num. Name Ht. Wt. Cl.

DE 54 John Simon 6-2, 270, Jr.
98 Soloman Thomas 6-5, 255, RSr.
or 50 J.T. Moore 6-1, 252, RFr.
Simon moved to DE, Thomas added and Moore moved down. Steve Miller removed.
LT 93 Adam Bellamy 6-4, 302, RSo.
63 Michael Bennett 6-3, 280, Fr.
Bellamy moved up to starting LT (previously Simon) w/Bennett as backup.
Nose 53 Garrett Goebel 6-3, 290, RJr.
68 Evan Blankenship 6-3, 288, Sr.
or 51 Jole Hale 6-5, 310, Fr.
Hale added to the 2-deep at NT
RT 52 Johnathan Hankins 6-3, 335, So.
90 Darryl Baldwin 6-4, 290, RFr.
Baldwin replaces Bennett as backup at RT
WLB 42 Andrew Sweat 6-2, 238, Sr.
10 Ryan Shazier 6-2, 212, Fr.

MLB 32 Storm Klein 6-2, 230, So.
41 Tony Jackson 5-10, 225, Sr.

SLB 6 Etienne Sabino 6-3, 242, RJr.
14 Curtis Grant 6-3, 225, Fr.

LCB 7 Travis Howard 6-1, 190, RJr.
5 Dominic Clarke 5-10, 191, So.

LS 2 Christian Bryant 5-9, 190, So.
19 Orhian Johnson 6-2, 205, RJr.

RS 4 C.J. Barnett 6-0, 190, RSo.
16 Zach Domicone 6-3, 211, RJr.

RCB 25 Bradley Roby 5-11, 185, RFr.
12 Doran Grant 5011, 180, Fr.

Star 26 Tyler Moeller 6-0, 210, RSr.
2 Christian Bryant 5-9, 190, So.


PK 24 Drew Basil 6-1, 212, So.
20 Russel Doup 6-1, 175, Fr.

KO 24 Drew Basil 6-1, 212, So.
20 Russel Doup 6-1, 175, Fr.

P 17 Ben Buchanon 6-0, 180, RJr.
39 Derek Erwin 5-10, 200, Sr.

LS 56 GeorgeE Makridis 6-2, 230, RSo.
54 Bryce Haynes 6-4, 185, Fr.

H 39 DEREK ERWIN 5-10, 200, Sr.
14 Joe Bauserman 6-1, 230, RSr.

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