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Friday, August 12, 2011

Packers linebacker forgets ID, can’t get into White House - Tiger's Run is Over, for GOOD!

Packers linebacker forgets ID, can’t get into White House

By Chris Chase

When the Green Bay Packers visited the White House on Friday to celebrate the team's Super Bowl title, linebacker Desmond Bishop(notes) wasn't with his teammates. He had forgotten his license on the team charter plane and without a license, there's no getting past White House security.

The fifth-year veteran Tweeted about his disappointment while the Packers were at a South Lawn reception with President Barack Obama:

Just found some extra motivation tweeples. I forgot my id on plane so won't get access to see @barackobama .. This time! But next year ;)

Tho dissapointed, i ll live vicariously thru my fellow Teammates.. Nap time.. As jack reacher wud say "sleep wen u can.."

I'd love if Bishop had provided more information. At what point did he realize he didn't have his ID and couldn't get access to the White House? Did he figure it out on the bus or make it all the way to the gate before getting turned down? If so, did he plead his case to unsympathetic guards? Was the possibility of sneaking into the ceremony under the suit of 320-pound tackle Chad Clifton(notes) ever broached?

A lot of times when amusing mix-ups like this happen, people try and offer words like "at least it makes for a great story" as comfort. But, no, not this time. You know what makes for a great story? Going to the White House to meet the president after winning a Super Bowl.


There is no More watch! He is done. You guys that think he will be back to domination are out of your minds. It's a shame too, because how many of us will watch the rest of the US Open???? No body except for the few that want to take an afternoon nap!
If you say you do want to watch, you are lieing!

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Anonymous said...

I agree that tiger is done. If that holds true then so is the PGA.