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Thursday, June 16, 2011

NBA Mock Draft -Brandon Miller resigns from Ohio St. - First Round of US Open Golf Scores -

Brandon Miller resigns from Ohio St.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Brandon Miller, a top assistant to Thad Matta at Ohio State, has resigned to spend more time with his family.

Ohio State spokesman Dan Wallenberg confirmed Thursday night that Miller, a former player at Butler, had met with players earlier in the day and told them he was leaving.

Miller was an assistant for the Buckeyes from 2005-07 and 2008-11 and at his alma mater for one year between those two stints. His departure could open a spot for former Duke player Greg Paulus, hired by Ohio State last month as video coordinator.

Matta's two remaining assistants are Dave Dickerson and Jeff Boals.

First Round of US Open Golf Scores

1 Rory McIlroy
7:55 a -6 65 65
T2 Charl Schwartzel
8:06 a -3 68 68
T2 Y.E. Yang
1:35 p -3 68 68
T4 Alexandre Rocha
7:00 a -2 69 69
T4 Scott Hend
7:22 a -2 69 69
T4 Kyung-tae Kim
7:22 a -2 69 69
T4 Sergio Garcia
7:44 a -2 69 69
T4 Louis Oosthuizen
1:35 p -2 69 69
T4 Ryan Palmer
2:19 p -2 69 69
T10 Bubba Dickerson
7:00 a -1 70 70


NBA Mock Draft - 06/15/2011
Round 1
1. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles Clippers)
Kyrie Irving, PG, Duke: You start to wonder if Irving wouldn't be so much of a lock if the Cavs didn't have the No.4 pick as well. The ability to start over with a point guard and someone for him to work the pick and roll with is more tempting than just Irving vs. Williams. Expect the Cavs to keep pushing to get the No. 2 pick though, since Irving-Williams is the best of both worlds and would work well together.
2. Minnesota Timberwolves
Derrick Williams, PF, Arizona: Williams continues to show that he's not just going to be an explosive young player with polish, but he's going to bring the attitude with it. Minnesota will make a trade before their pick goes up. We're just not sure if it's to move the No.2, Michael Beasley, or some other inventive combination. If they keep the pick and pass on Williams, they'll get flogged by fans and media. Again.
3. Utah Jazz (from New Jersey)
Enes Kanter, PF, Kentucky: This is a move based on the ability of the Jazz to pick up a wing with their later pick. Getting Kanter gives them a legit center with actual height advantage to pair with whichever of Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson they want to commit to. Kanter's workouts haven't been phenomenal, and there's starting to be some concern that he's more a product of good representation than actual ability, but if any big is going this high, it's Kanter.
4. Cleveland Cavaliers
Jan Vesely, SF, KK Partizan Belgrade,: Brandon Knight doesn't make sense here as a player that needs the ball. Valanciunas is an obvious pick, but he doesn't have the explosiveness Vesely has. Throw in the fact that Anderson Varejao still has a long-term contract with the Cavs and a bigger needs is frontcourt player with aggression who can score. Vesely, alongside Irving, could be that player for the Cavs.
5. Toronto Raptors
Brandon Knight, PG, Kentucky: In this scenario Bryan Colangelo busts the eardrum of his representative in Newark trying to make this pick as fast as possible. Knight takes over for an aging Jose Calderon, brings known value as a college player to appease ownership, and can work in a fast-paced system.
6. Washington Wizards
Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State: An all-around prospect with polish, Leonard could wind up being the James Harden to the Wizards' Thunder model in a strong, complete player without exceptional ability who does a lot every time he touches the floor and plays great defense.
7. Sacramento Kings
Kemba Walker, PG, Connecticut: This, sadly, makes a great deal of sense. Walker's going to struggle guarding bigger guards... which Tyreke Evans can do. Walker can add even more scoring punch next to Marcus Thornton and Evans, giving the Kings options for years in their backcourt rotation. If Walker can't explode past NBA defenders like he did vs. college jobbers, he can simply manage the offense and knock down spot-up 3-pointers. As weak as I am on Walker, and as much as there will be a scramble over usage, Walker does make a certain amount of sense in this spot.
8. Detroit Pistons
Alec Burks, SG, Colorado: Burks gives the Pistons a great young scorer to put with Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko and Greg Monroe. Once they trade the zillion unhappy veterans on roster. Selecting Burks means there's no loss at position when Rip Hamilton is finally freed from his glass case of being overpaid to do very little.
9. Charlotte Bobcats
Jonas Valanciunas, PF, Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius,: A true rebounding big to put next to Tyrus Thomas. A frontcourt player who can actually work alongside Augustin in the pick and roll. Someone who likely won't have character issues. This isn't hard if Valanciunas falls this far.
10. Milwaukee Bucks
Jimmer Fredette, SG, Brigham Young: Fredette's gutsy approach to workouts catches Scott Skiles' eye, and the Bucks go bonkers trying to run out a Brandon Jennings-Jimmer Fredette backcourt. Also consider this Jennings insurance, just in case the youngster continues to spiral slightly out of control.

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