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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video of the Space Shuttle's Junk Parts Falling Back to Earth........Amazing! -

I know this has nothing to do with sports, but it is awesome! Watch as you can ride along with the space shuttle and fall back to earth with the junk parts. Simply amazing!!
This is a much watch whether you are a sports fan, or not!!!!!

The Earth starts spinning and warping; spiky lens flares streak out from the sun; a trail of smoke from the other lost booster angles across the frame.
Then all goes black but for two demonlike eyes of light. A dragon growls. Then: all black. A sudden explosion of light and a raptor's scream. A strange symbol appears and metamorphoses into jellyfish, mushrooms, space flowers, parachutes. A last wrenching clank of sound as a setting sun appears and we splash down into the Atlantic, the parachutes settling into the sea.

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