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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Highest Paid NBA Players

Highest Paid NBA Players......... as of 4-27-10

With the play-offs in full swing I thought some of you would be interested in this, especially when you see some of the names. I found this on www.bing.com

1. Tracy McGrady
23.2 Million
New York Knicks
out for year

2. Kobe Bryant
23.0 million

3. Jermaine O'Neal
23.0 million
Miami Heat

4. Tim Duncan
22.2 million
San Antonio Spurs

5. Shaq
20.0 million

6. Dirk Nowitzki
19.8 million
Dallas Mavericks

7. Paul Pierce
19.8 million

8. Ray Allen
19.8 million

9. Rashard Lewis
18.9 million
Orlando Magic

10. Michael Redd
17.0 million
out for season

Lebron James is 19th on the list at 15.8 million and Chris Bosch and D Wade are 21st and 22nd at 15.8 as well.

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