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Friday, October 10, 2008

Caption this: Phelps at the White House

Very Funny from www.si.com

Welcome back to the latest edition of Caption This. That’s Michael Phelps on the top left shaking hands with President Bush today at the White House. Swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale looks on at the top right. Bush hosted U.S. Olympians and Paralympians today in Washington.

Here's a Sweet 16:

“Jenna wanted me to ask who does your bikini line.” (Finsterbaby)

“Mr. Caliendo, can you do your John Madden impersonation for us?” (Tim in NY)

“After engaging in the soul shake, President Bush realizes that once again he has no exit strategy.” (Marshall K.)

“Michael Phelps lends a drowning man a hand.” (Martel)

“President Bush was fined by Nike, now the Official Sponsor of the White House, for failing to appear in public in appropriate attire.” (CavemanHC6)

“So Michael, I've got this new strategery. It involves a lot of food and some hot chicks. Are you in?” (FGB)

“Gold-medal Olympian Michael Phelps greets President Bush as the Quadruplemint Quads look on.” (Kari)

“The Olympic team realizes that Bush really has been asleep the last seven years.” (kawalski)

“Michael Phelps thanks the president for his policies that led to the rise in the price of gold.” (ahegel)

“After stumbling through their handshake, President Bush finds out that Michael Phelps is actually a member of the Bloods.” (Munkcy)

“No Mr. President. YOU sink, I swim.” (Rickapolis)

“CinC or swim: you decide.” (Mr Adams)

“Michael subtly slips a medal for the dead man's float into Bush's jacket pocket.” (Tom, hopping along)

“The woman in front is clearly an Obama supporter.” (Barzhac)

“Yes, Mr. President, I can hold my breath for a long time, but not long enough to swim down and rescue your approval rating.” (jaxBears)

“No sir, you can't use my eight gold medals to save the economy.” (SeanNJ; many others mined a similar vein of gold including Tim in NY, CavemanHC6, Munkcy and Barzhac)

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