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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Worst Sports Songs of ALL TIME

Worst Sports Songs

This week in People magazine, Jessica Simpson reveals that she wrote a song for Tony Romo called You're My Sunday. Can't tell you how much I love the mental image of Simpson playing the song the first time for Romo, and Romo pretending he loves it as he attempts to hide a look of horror. Simpson is currently in midst of transforming her career, after years as a struggling pop singer, she is now a struggling country singer. So I'm guessing You're My Sunday must be in the country vein, which could make it even more excruciating/awesome.

Since the world has not yet been privy to You're My Sunday, let's run down the worst sports-related songs of all-time.

1. Prime Time Keeps Ticking: This was actually the second single off Deion Sanders' debut (and final) album, "Prime Time," and this single followed "Prime Time Keeps Ticking," which sampled the Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle." Deion is one of my favorite athletes of all-time, but this song was a dud. I still keep the CD here on my desk, though. Seriously.

2. Talkin' Baseball: I guess at some point this song was considered edgy and fun, but by the time Terry Cashman customized his song for different MLB franchises, I was ready to stop talkin' baseball.

3. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry: Please, please, please, just watch this video. TerBradshawry , you complete me. (Apparently Terry had some issue with
being lonesome.)

4. You're The Best: No, actually, you're not.

5. Piazza, New York Catcher: This song sounds like it's just begging to be included in a slo-mo scene in a Wes Anderson movie.

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