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Monday, September 15, 2008

Questions for Potential O.J. Jurors

Questions for potential O.J. jurors

Jury selection began yesterday for O.J. Simpson's Las Vegas trial on robbery and kidnapping charges. The Juice, you might recall, says he was simply trying to retrieve some memorabilia that had been stolen from him. (By gunpoint, allegedly.) The prosecutors feel differently.
As a veteran of jury selection myself -- have I ever mentioned my six-month stint as a juror on the Tyco case? incessantly? -- perhaps I can shed some insight on the process. Here are some of the most likely questions asked by O.J.'s lawyers during voir dire. (FYI, "voir dire" is from the French for "Can you help us get this guy off?")

10. Even if a defendant's obviously guilty, would you be willing to pin it on some half-baked conspiracy theory?

9. Why do you think the police are forever framing innocent athletes?

8. Haven't you ever felt like jumping in a white Bronco and just getting away from it all?

7. Are you the real killer?

6. Aside from Johnny Rodgers and Billy Cannon, can you name any other former Heisman winners to get in legal trouble?

5. Is that you, Kato?

4. Don't you agree that the best place to find a double-murderer is the golf course?

3. Wouldn't you agree that just because you sold something doesn't mean it's not still yours?

2. Hey, the Vice President shot a guy in the face and nobody said boo, am I right?

1. Why on earth would Det. Nordberg commit a crime?

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