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Monday, September 22, 2008

Five Rules That Need Changing

Five Rules That Need Changing

Ed Hochuli may have a blown the call at the end of the Broncos/Chargers game, but really, did anyone understand what was happening? Even though I watch football all weekend every fall weekend, the whole tuck rule/fumble/interception thing remains a mystery to me. But it's not just football -- here are five sports rules that need to be changed.

1. The Tuck Rule: This rule is supposed to make fumbles by NFL quarterbacks easier to rule as a fumble or a interception, but I don't get it. Did Cutler fumble? Wasn't he trying to pass the ball? No clue...

2. Illegal Defense: This NBA rules has been massaged the last few years to allow zone defenses, but I say ditch the whole thing. If you want to put all five defenders in the lane and let the other team shoot open jumpers from the outside, go for it.

3. The Designated Hitter: What can I say, I'm an NFL guy. If you wear an MLB uniform, you should be forced to hit.

4. The College Football Clock Rule: This summer, the NCAA tweaked their rules in order to shorten games, and in the process they've managed to make clock management a mostly ineffective skill, at least until there are under two minutes left in a game.

5. Restrictor Plates: I'm not a huge NASCAR fan, but forcing the cars to go slower than they're capable of going just doesn't make sense to me.

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