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Friday, August 22, 2008

Top 5 Olympic Moments


I would have to add Michael Phelps!!!

1. Derek Redmond: The British runner tore his hamstring during the 400 meter semis in Barcelona in 1992. After he crumbled to the track and realized how severely he was injured, he got back up and hopped to the finish, with the assistance of his father, who jumped out of the stands to help his son. Just a terrific, terrific moment.

2. Do You Believe In Miracles? Yes!: The US Hockey Team wasn't supposed to stand a chance against Russia in the 1980 Gold Medal game. Somehow they pulled it off.

3. Kerri Strug:
The injured pixie perfectly nailed a one-footed vault landing during the '96 Games to ensure a US Women's gymnastics medal.

4. Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards: Sure, he was terrible at his sport, but it was thrilling to watch a regular Joe walk in and attempt to soar off a death-defying ramp.

5. The Dream Team:
As a basketball fan, the 1992 Barcelona Olympics will to me always be known as the Games that brought us hoops nirvana. And we've been trying to recapture it ever since.

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