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Monday, July 14, 2008

Homerun Derbies of the Past!!!

1985 The first derby champion, Dave Parker, hit 6 homers to beat future hall of famers Jim Rice, Eddie Murray, Ripken Jr., and Ryan Sandberg in the Metrodome.
1993 Ken Griffey Jr. hits one off of the warehouse across the street from Camden Yards.
1996 Barry Bonds took his only derby crown in Veterans Stadium in Philly. Long before steroids.
1998 Griffey Jr. became the only 2 time winner at Coors Field.
2000 Sammy Sosa hit a record 26 homers at Turner Field.
2005 Bobby Abreu hit a record 24 homeruns in the 1st round at Detroit's Camerica Park. He ended up with a record 41 total, but only hit 6 homers the rest of the season.
2007 Everyone came out in their kayaks in San Francisco, but went home with nothing because their were no splash-downs.

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