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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Tressel thinks Pryor will catch on fast

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Terrelle Pryor's toughest tests this fall might not come on the practice field or in the meeting rooms, but when he ventures outside the Ohio State football complex.
Ohio State coach Jim Tressel thinks top recruit Terrelle Pryor will catch on fast.
Ohio State coach Jim Tressel expects Pryor, the nation's top-ranked incoming freshman, to be ahead of the curve in grasping the Buckeyes' offense and the demands it places on a quarterback. Tressel cited Pryor's extensive experience as a high school star -- lengthy playoff runs allowed him to play in 16 games in each of the last two seasons -- and his familiarity with different types of systems.
"They did all kinds of spread, wing-T versions, a lot of different things," Tressel said. "He has a little bit of an advantage. He's played so many games and done so many different things that it's just a matter of ... I don't think we do anything that he hasn't done. Now he will need to learn what we call it. I don't think there's going to be an unusual strain on him because of that."
What could weigh on Pryor is the amount of attention placed on him as an incoming freshman. Though senior Todd Boeckman will start at quarterback this season, much of the preseason buzz has centered on how Ohio State will use the multitalented Pryor this season.
Tressel said Pryor looks forward to learning from Boeckman, but as a perfectionist, the freshman wants to contribute from Day 1.
"He wants to please everybody," Tressel said. "He wants to make sure he's answering the question right or throwing the ball to the right place. ... I don't think you can disregard all the attention that he's got. He wants to come though. That's the kind of kid he is."
Many have wondered whether Ohio State will use Boeckman and Pryor much like Florida used senior Chris Leak and freshman Tim Tebow in 2006. Training camp will largely determine the Buckeyes' course of action, but Pryor won't wait long to get on the field.
"Especially in the early season, we've always tried to use multiple quarterbacks, just because over the course of the season, you never know how health is going to go and so forth," Tressel said. "Any time you can maximize the talent that you have. It's not unlike using some other receivers at different times. Absolutely, (using two quarterbacks) can happen."
How much time do you think Pryor will see this year? I don't think Tressel will bench Todd B. I have a feeling that we'll see a lot of him on 3rd downs. click on the comment below and leave your opinion......

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Anonymous said...

he'll be better than tebow as a frosh.